Information Technology

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Prof. Vishal B. Ohol

Department of Information Technology

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Information Technology

The rapid expansion of Information Technology and the increasing complexity of information systems generate a need for more sophisticated and effective methods of structuring information for purposes of storage, analysis and retrieval. In the coming years, Information Technology will continue to transform the way we think, work, communicate, and learn. The external scenario in the industry clearly testifies to the statement that the advent of computers & Internet in the last decade has affected the lives of human society the world over like nothing else has. This is further corroborated by the fact that the boom in IT has created an unprecedented demand for qualified IT professionals – experts predict that by 2012, the demand will be close to a staggering 90 million in India alone, let alone the foreign nations. This undoubtedly explains the importance of IT in the technology sector, if the nation is to keep pace with the fast changing world of today.