Benefits of Post SSC Diploma

  • The candidates having Diploma and Degree courses in Engineering passes optimum chances of selection in private sector,  government  sector  jobs  as well as in
  • Easy to accomplish Engineering Degree as maximum syllabus is studied in Diploma
  • It is mandatory to attempt State Level or National Level (JEE/CET) entrance exams after 12th
  • It is mandatory to secure minimum 40/45 marks in PCM subjects in 12th.
  • But for admission in Diploma Engineering, there  is  no  requirement  of entrance
  • Eligible for Direct Second Year Admission in Engineering  after  Diploma course.
  • Diploma in Engineering is considered as equivalent to 12th science and the students are eligible to get the admission in various professional courses.
  • Either you could do jobs after Diploma Engineering or option for higher education. So, Post SSC Diploma in  Engineering  is  the  best  option  to pursue good